IRA Capital, LLC



IRA Capital has expertise investing in all areas of the evolving technology landscape, and is most focused on the following emerging technology themes that will play a large part in changing the world for decades to come:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Space
  • Nanotechnology

Featured Transaction

  • At the Time of IRA’s investment, SpaceX's overall launch success rate was around ~94%, with 0 launch failures since 2016.
  • In May 2020, SpaceX made history by sending two astronauts to space in partnership with NASA - a feat no private company has achieved, ever, and the first launch of US astronauts in over a decade. The cost of these missions is expected to decrease and become more efficient over time.
  • IRA Ventures is excited about the company's future as evidenced by the Starlink project which has produced substantial revenues and is a primary growth catalyst in coming years.
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