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The hospitality sector within real estate is one of the most exciting and unique, with the opportunity to create tremendous long-term value.   IRA’s hospitality platform has a multidisciplinary focus on recreational real estate which includes lodging (hotels and resorts), leisure properties (golf clubs, ski resorts and marinas), sports facilities, event venues, and other destination developments. Our hospitality acquisition team focuses on well-located assets in strategic locations with strong demographic and tourism trends. IRA has built strategic partnerships with industry leading hospitality brands and management companies, who consistently seek to create unforgettable experiences for our guests.

Featured Transaction

Bluejack National
Bluejack National
Houston, TX
  • IRA Capital, in partnership with Lantern Capital, acquired interest in Bluejack National, a 755-acre luxury lifestyle and residential community in North Houston that is home to the first Tiger Woods designed golf course in the United States.
  • The project involved the development of a resort community including over 400 luxury homes, restaurants, spa and fitness center, and other community amenities including two swimming pools, a 150-foot water slide, sport courts and fields (basketball, football, pickleball, wiffleball), fire pits, bowling lanes, and a lake for canoeing and fishing.
  • Bluejack has consistently been rated the number one residential golf course in Texas, according to USA Today/Golfweek's Top 200 residential golf course rankings.
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